April 16, 2014

Family Film Night

23rd of May 2014 at 6:45pm
Showing: BLUE

“BLUE will change the radical green direction we've been heading.”
                              - Curtis Bowers,  Director of Agenda - Grinding America Down 

Is the Green Movement, or Environmental movement as it's known, really saving the planet and helping mankind? Or is the green movement detrimental to the world and human life?

Find out the agenda of the Green Movement and how it is in opposition to God's plan for this world, in the excellent documentary called BLUE, an acrostic for 

Here is a brief synopsis of the Film to be Screened May 23rd at Maple Wood Farm:

"For decades the Green Movement has claimed that Earth is threatened by the activity and even the existence of mankind. Green policies dictate that the noble response is relinquishing our liberties to "save" the planet from peril. Award-winning filmmaker JD King sets off on a cinematic journey to challenge these Green philosophies, and overturn the tables on issues like carbon emissions, climate change, over-population, natural resources, and unmasks the UN's Agenda 21 plan. BLUE casts a bold new vision: that through greater freedom we can realize a fuller potential for our fellow man and this beautiful blue planet we call home."

Join us Friday 23rd of May at 6:45pm for the screening of BLUE.* We will have a time of fellowship after the screening so feel free to bring a plate of eats. Please RSVP if you plan to come, and contact us for directions.
(902) 315- 2284

*We have permission to show "BLUE".